Crazy-Night-Pass General Terms and Conditions

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List of clauses:

Article 1 - Application and enforceability of general terms and conditions
Article 2 - Entering into a commitment / cancellation
Article 3 - Presence of minors on board
Article 4 - Pricing / last-minute changes
Article 5 - Sale and consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
Article 6 - Bus characteristics
Article 7 - Damage and cleaning costs
Article 8 - Safety on board
Article 9 - Schedule of services
Article 10 – Safety deposit (under specific conditions)
Article 11 - Public transmission of music or screening of audio-visual material
Article 12 - Displays
Article 13 - Liability
Article 14 - Carry-on baggage and personal effects
Article 15 - Events or incidents during services

Article 1 : Application and enforceability of general terms and conditions.

The carrier is not bound by any conditions other than those hereinafter specified unless it has the express, written and signed consent of one of its authorised representatives. By placing an order (or booking) in whatsoever form, the customer unreservedly agrees to these terms and conditions. All contrary conditions that might be stipulated by the buyer (customer) in its own terms and conditions of purchase, on purchase orders or in correspondence shall not be enforceable against us and shall be deemed unwritten. The non-validity of any one of these clauses shall not give effect to other contrary legal provisions. The buyer (customer) undertakes to expressly notify any accompanying persons of these terms and conditions and any amendments thereto. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change between issuance of the individual ticket (Crazy-Night-Pass) and the time of booking where deemed necessary by PARTY Bus Paris. By booking a Crazy-Night-Pass, the buyer (customer) is bound by the Ts&Cs on our website on the date of the booking. The buyer is therefore responsible for checking the Ts&Cs currently in force on our website prior to booking. The conditions under which these services are provided, in particular applicable pricing, must ensure a reasonable return that can cover the actual costs of the service delivered under normal conditions of organisation, safety and security, quality and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including Law no. 82-1153 of 30 December 1982, in particular Articles 6 to 9, as well as all related texts for its implementation. Transport services shall therefore never be offered under conditions incompatible with regulations governing working conditions and safety. Information contained on our social media accounts, flyers, mobile app, website or other media are indicative only and shall not constitute a commitment on our part.

Article 2 : Entering into a commitment / cancellation

Retail (i.e. sale to individuals) products are deemed non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Prices are set at the time of booking and displayed on our online booking site ( The buyer (customer) is solely liable for payment in the event of default by the user, as the user entered into a commitment when confirming the proposed service and agreeing to the Ts&Cs online. Tickets and services cannot be resold without our consent. The resale of our City-Night-Pass is strictly prohibited as tickets are personal and non-transferable. Where it becomes aware of unusual resale activity, PARTY BUS Paris may remove the service without entitlement to a refund or compensation. Furthermore, if when making an earlier booking, the buyer (customer) failed to comply with one of its obligations (e.g. non-compliance with the Ts&Cs), his/her sale may be validly refused, unless the buyer (customer) can offer satisfactory guarantees. For all cancellations by the customer less than 30 days before the service, any amounts paid, owed and non-refundable may not be carried over and used to pay for a service occurring on a later date.
Payment method on the website: Credit or debit card only
On board the bus: Credit and debit card or cash only, the service must be paid for before the tour departs.

Article 3 : Presence of minors on board.

Under applicable regulations, our bus allows minors on board (minimum age 14), provided that they are fewer in number than adults aged 18 or over. A headcount of minors may be taken on entry to the bus. Where this rule is breached by the buyer (customer), on-site staff reserve the right to reimpose quotas and require a form of identification in case of doubt, or to cancel the service without the possibility of a refund. Minors on board are under the responsibility of the accompanying buyer (customer) or their legal guardian.

Article 4 : Pricing .

The price of our "Crazy-Night-Pass" is set on a per person basis, based on the cost price of our service. Prices are definite and set in advance on our booking website and are non-negotiable.

Article 5 : Sale and consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

On its booking website, , PARTY BUS Paris sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for take away only and in accordance with the licence held by the company. The buyer (customer) is therefore permitted to consume drinks ordered online on board the bus only. Drinks are available to buy when booking a City-Night-Pass on our website. Drinks are group 1 (non-alcoholic) and group 3 (champagne and/or beer) as defined by the French Public Health Code (Article L. 3321-1) for our licence. All drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) purchased by the buyer (customer) externally shall not be permitted on board the bus. No alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks shall be sold by our staff on the bus. Furthermore, the sale of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks by the buyer (customer) to his/her guests or other person(s) present on the bus, is strictly prohibited. Members of staff aboard the bus may, where they notice the sale of drinks taking place, end the service with no possibility of a refund or compensation to the buyer (customer) in question. In the event of police or customs checks, the buyer (customer) is solely responsible. Additional purchases of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks during the service are strictly prohibited. We remind customers that the misuse of alcohol is dangerous to health and should be consumed in moderation.

Article 6 : Bus characteristics.

Each bus made available to the buyer (customer) by PARTY BUS Paris will be:
- in good working condition and compliant with all mandatory technical regulations
- suitable for the distance to be travelled, the characteristics of the group and any requirements set by the buyer (customer). We reserve the right to place display advertising on the bus.

Article 7 : Damage and cleaning costs.

All damage of rented or used property, vandalism or damage to equipment on board the bus shall be charged to the customer(s) implicated. All deliberate or accidental soiling that requires significant cleaning work (more than 30 minutes' work by our on-site staff) shall be charged to the customer(s) in question, in the fixed amount of €100 incl. tax.

Article 8 : Safety on board.

Persons and customers who are visibly drunk shall not be admitted onto the bus. Customers are also reminded that public drunkenness is an offence. In accordance with the drinks classification in the French Public Health Code (Article L. 3321-1), passengers in a visibly drunken state or exhibiting inappropriate or violent behaviour shall result in the immediate stoppage of the service with no possibility of refund for the customers in question. All consumption of drugs shall result in the immediate stoppage of the service and the removal of the customer(s) in question with no possibility of a refund for their City-Night-Pass. Departure and arrival points, as well as the route taken by the bus, are determined in advance by PARTY BUS Paris and can be viewed on the booking website under "route details". Customers on board may not request a change to the route from the bus driver unless in the event of force majeure as confirmed by staff on board. During the service, our bus driver shall not accept direct requests or instructions from customers to board or alight at locations other than the designated stops. Customers must comply with all instructions given before each city tour departure by staff members on board, including:
- No climbing/standing on the seats or benches
- No acrobatics or swinging on the handrails
- No banging on the windows or other fixtures
- Drinks must not be taken off the bus during stops
- No smoking on board the bus during the city tour
- Passengers must be able to stand up using the handrails provided in all circumstances.

Article 9 : Schedule of services.

The time slots available for the bus used for the Crazy-Night-Pass is the bus departure time from the agreed meeting point. Customers are recommended to be present 15 to 30 minutes before the tour begins. All passengers must disembark at the scheduled end time for the city tour.

Article 10 : Cautionnement (sous conditions spécifique).

Party Bus Paris may demand a safety deposit of €2,000 by cheque or credit/debit card in the event of damage committed deliberately or accidentally by customers during the service and which will cover amounts owed, any harm/damage caused in or around the bus (e.g. to bodywork, moveable property and mounted equipment). In the event of damage caused on board or around the bus which is observed by on-site staff and subject to a subsequent expert report by insurers for Party Bus Paris, the safety deposit will then be returned to the customer on a pro-rata basis for the amount owed following full repair of the damage, unless the safety deposit is not enough to cover the cost of damage caused, in which case the company may initiate legal proceedings against the customer(s) in question, to claim full reimbursement for damage caused.

Article 11 : Public transmission of music or screening of audio-visual material.

Only our professional DJ is authorised to play music on board the bus, in accordance with an authorisation obtained by Party Bus Paris SAS under agreements with SACEM and SPRE. However, our staff shall not accept requests for the public transmission, on a coach or bus, of cinematographic or televisual material or personal recordings. Screens on board the bus are used exclusively for live camera footage of the route or videos for the attention of customers.

Article 12 - Displays.

PARTY BUS Paris SAS reserves the exclusive right to use the directional display (front LED spinner) in order to display its own visuals while in motion. The buyer (customer) is therefore not permitted to request display of its own text visuals on the bus.

Article 13 : Liability.

Vehicles (buses) belonging to PARTY BUS Paris are covered by civil liability insurance for passenger carriage.

PARTY BUS Paris accepts no responsibility in the event of unforeseen occurrences or force majeure experienced by the company or a third party, such as: traffic disruption (e.g. diversions, road closures, accidents, public demonstrations, etc.), weather conditions that pose a danger for vehicle traffic (e.g. snow, ice, floods, landslides, etc.), ill health suffered by driving personnel (e.g. injuries), general or partial strike action by company staff, rioting, war or requisition of vehicles.

PARTY BUS Paris undertakes to mobilise all resources necessary to minimise the impact of such incidents and to rectify them at the earliest opportunity. Arrival times on documents are an average estimate but are not part of the contract of carriage; times cannot be guaranteed. PARTY BUS Paris shall make every effort to transport customers or passengers and their luggage with due care. PARTY BUS Paris is responsible for safety during transport, including the (dis-)embarkation of passengers on the bus at each stop. The bus driver shall take all necessary safety precautions and issue instructions as required to passengers, who must comply with these instructions. One or more stops will be allowed at the initiative of the carrier or driver to meet safety obligations and comply with social regulations regarding driving time and rest stops, or to meet other requirements. PARTY BUS Paris reserves the right, directly or through its representative, to refuse carriage or to remove a passenger in cases where, following due consideration, such a decision is deemed necessary for safety reasons or where the mental or physical comportment of the passenger is such that it causes harm or poses a risk to other passengers. PARTY BUS Paris accepts no responsibility for damage suffered by a passenger in relation to carriage and which is caused indirectly by circumstance, age or a physical or mental condition that poses a risk to the passenger. This shall also apply to cases of illness or incapacity from which a passenger might suffer or a deterioration in his/her condition.

Article 14 : Carry-on baggage and personal effects.

PARTY BUS Paris accepts no responsibility for damage or incidents, including theft or damage to carry-on baggage or other personal effects held in the vehicle. At the end of transport, customers and accompanying persons are required to ensure that nothing has been left behind on the bus; the carrier accepts no responsibility in the event of damage or theft of anything that might be left behind on the bus.

Article 15 : Events or incidents during services.

If, during the service, an event or incident occurs which makes it impossible to continue the service in full or in part under the conditions initially set out in the agreement, PARTY BUS Paris shall, within the shortest time frame, take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. At the same time, it shall contact its nominated backer or manager to request his/her instructions as to continuation of the service. In the event of a breakdown, accident or incident attributable to the carrier during the service and where it cannot be completed under adequate safety conditions, a partial refund based on the remaining time for the original service shall be offered to the customer. PARTY BUS Paris shall not be liable for any penalty in such cases. Where the event or incident is the fault of the customer(s), he/she/they shall incur the financial consequences up to the cost of carriage. Where the event or incident is due to force majeure:

- additional costs of carriage shall be covered by PARTY BUS Paris; other additional costs shall be covered by the customer(s); additional time or any delays to services shall not be eligible for compensation...

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